Commit ed371470 authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar
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* don't use -mpim-altivec without -force_cpusubtype_ALL,

    thanks to titer for noticing this.
parent 8ee331bf
......@@ -1169,7 +1169,8 @@ fi
dnl The AltiVec C extensions
dnl There are several possible cases:
dnl - OS X PPC, gcc 4.x: use -mpim-altivec, don't need <altivec.h>
dnl - OS X PPC, gcc 4.x: use -mpim-altivec -force_cpusubtype_ALL, don't
dnl need <altivec.h>
dnl - OS X PPC, gcc 3.x: need -faltivec, don't need <altivec.h>
dnl - Linux PPC, gcc 3.4, 4.x: need <altivec.h> which requires -maltivec
dnl - Linux PPC, gcc 3.3: need <altivec.h> and -maltivec -mabi=altivec
......@@ -1178,10 +1179,10 @@ dnl - Others: test should fail
AC_CACHE_CHECK([if \$CC groks AltiVec C extensions],
[# OS X/PPC test (gcc 4.x)
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS_save} -mpim-altivec"
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS_save} -mpim-altivec -force_cpusubtype_ALL"
[vec_ld(0, (unsigned char *)0);],
[ac_cv_c_altivec="-mpim-altivec -force_cpusubtype_ALL"],
[# OS X/PPC test (gcc 3.x)
CFLAGS="${CFLAGS_save} -faltivec"
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