Commit e7bb0784 authored by Pierre Ynard's avatar Pierre Ynard

contribs: fix Makefile syntax more

parent dc9c6602
......@@ -746,11 +746,11 @@ endif
patch -p0 < Patches/libFLAC-pc.patch
FLAC_DISABLE_FLAGS = --disable-oggtest --disable-xmms-plugin --disable-cpplibs
.flac: flac .ogg
FLAC_DISABLE_FLAGS += --disable-asm-optimizations
.flac: flac .ogg
cd $< && $(HOSTCC) ./configure $(HOSTCONF) --prefix=$(PREFIX) $(FLAC_DISABLE_FLAGS)
cd $</src && make -C libFLAC && make -C libFLAC install
cd $< && make -C include install
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