Commit e78923c3 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Fortune about 1.2

parent 9f0974cb
......@@ -908,3 +908,11 @@ VLC development is NOT about being a sed god.
< xand_> guys how can i force ffplay to use avcodec ?
-- #videolan
< nefrir> btw, anyone *really* opposed to temporary (1 month at most) breakage of video splitter (wall, clone, panoramix) and some vout filters (ie some mode of deinterlacing, opencv, autocrop) in master ?
< j-b> NO
< j-b> nefrir: seriously, if people care, they can branch
< Dark_Shikari> isn't this what local branches are for?
< j-b> Dark_Shikari: indeed. But you could consider master as nefrir 's local branch :)
< Dark_Shikari> lol
-- #videolan
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