Commit e6aec2bc authored by bigben's avatar bigben
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Small hack to make OSX happier.

parent b3521ade
......@@ -4364,7 +4364,8 @@ AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(MODULE_SUFFIX, "__0_8_2", [String suffix for module functions
AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(MODULE_SYMBOL, 0_8_2, [Symbol suffix for module functions])
dnl Version number for ActiveX INF
VERSION32="`echo -n ${VERSION} | sed -e 's/@<:@a-z\-@:>@//g' | sed -e 'y/./,/'; echo ',0'`"
VERSION32="`echo -n ${VERSION} | sed -e 's/@<:@a-z\-@:>@//g' | sed -e 'y/./,/'`"
VERSION32="`echo -n ${VERSION32}',0'`"
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