Commit e6a8ec99 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

s/H264/h264 in http interface.

parent 27479a57
......@@ -172,8 +172,8 @@ Note that the sout chain is used and sent to VLC by the input dialog
<option value="DIV1">DIV1</option>
<option value="DIV2">DIV2</option>
<option value="DIV3">DIV3</option>
<option value="H263">H263</option>
<option value="H264">H264</option>
<option value="H263">h263</option>
<option value="H264">h264</option>
<option value="WMV1">WMV1</option>
<option value="WMV2">WMV2</option>
<option value="MJPG">MJPG</option>
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