Commit e5d8f0b4 authored by Alexis de Lattre's avatar Alexis de Lattre
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Makefile : Minor changes.

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all: clean html html-zip txt pdf ps rtf # Makefile for the VideoLAN Documentation
html: DOC := faq-alone
rm -f *.html NAME := FAQ-vlc
sgmltools -b onehtml -s ../common/stylesheet-html.dsl faq-alone.sgml
rm -f faq-alone.html
ln -s faq.html index.html
clean: # We build HTML, PS, PDF, RTF and TXT for the Web site
rm -f *.html *.txt *.zip *.pdf *.ps *.rtf all: html ps pdf rtf txt
html-zip: html:
zip *.html sgmltools -b onehtml -s ../common/stylesheet-html.dsl $(DOC).sgml
# Delete empty file !
rm -f faq-alone.html
ln -sf faq.html index.html
zip $(NAME) *.html
txt: ps:
sgmltools -b txt faq-alone.sgml sgmltools -b ps -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl $(DOC).sgml
mv -f faq-alone.txt FAQ-vlc.txt mv -f $(DOC).ps $(NAME).ps
zip $(NAME) $(NAME).ps
pdf: pdf:
sgmltools -b pdf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl faq-alone.sgml sgmltools -b pdf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl $(DOC).sgml
mv -f faq-alone.pdf FAQ-vlc.pdf mv -f $(DOC).pdf $(NAME).pdf
zip FAQ-vlc.pdf zip $(NAME) $(NAME).pdf
sgmltools -b ps -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl faq-alone.sgml
mv -f
rtf: rtf:
sgmltools -b rtf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl faq-alone.sgml sgmltools -b rtf -s ../common/stylesheet-print-noicones.dsl $(DOC).sgml
mv -f faq-alone.rtf FAQ-vlc.rtf mv -f $(DOC).rtf $(NAME).rtf
zip FAQ-vlc.rtf zip $(NAME) $(NAME).rtf
sgmltools -b txt $(DOC).sgml
mv -f $(DOC).txt $(NAME).txt
rm -f *.zip *.html *.pdf *.ps *.txt *.rtf
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