Commit e0401e74 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont

Attempt to fix previous commit.

parent 09ec56bd
......@@ -521,9 +521,9 @@ vlc vlc
( cd src && make install )
@if test -e "$(top_builddir)/tmp"; then \
rm -Rf "$(top_builddir)/tmp" \
fi \
if test -e "$(top_builddir)/tmp"; then
rm -Rf "$(top_builddir)/tmp"
mkdir -p "$(top_builddir)/tmp/extras/package/macosx"; \
rm -Rf $(top_builddir)/
cp -R $(srcdir)/extras/package/macosx/vlc.xcodeproj $(top_builddir)/tmp/extras/package/macosx/
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