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[ Note: this howto is probably useful to core vlc developers only ]
Release HOWTO
- - - - - - - -
* Have an ECP guy send a mail to ingesys at cti dot ecp dot fr warning them of
the forecoming traffic (should ideally be done at least a few hours before release)
* Tests : compilation, regression tests ...
* Changes on the svn repository
- update the version number everywhere it's needed
· (rerun autoconf)
· vlc.spec
· ipkg/control (does this still work ?)
· debian/changelog
- update the version number everywhere it's needed
· extras/MacOSX/vlc.pbprj/project.pbxproj
· extras/MacOSX/Resources/English.lproj/InfoPlist.string
- update the ChangeLog and NEWS files, as well as the Trac database
· ./toolbox --changelog ( with C as locale)
- update the ChangeLog and NEWS files, as well as the Trac database
· LANG=C svn log -v -r '{YYYY-12-31}:{YYYY-01-01}' >! ChangeLog
· read all the commits and add important things to the NEWS file
· update the milestones info on
- Add a note about the matching contrib package in INSTALL.win32
......@@ -24,51 +22,50 @@
* Commit
* Tarballs (Use a clean tree !!!)
- Use 'make distcheck' to make sure all files are exported
correctly (currently fails)
- make the VLC tar.gz and tar.bz2 files with `make dist'.
- copy the tar.gz and tar.bz2 file on in
- generate md5 hashes of these files
* Contribs
- Put a copy of the libraries or svn snapshot in vlc-X.X.X/contrib
- Put the relevant win32 contrib package
- Update developers.v.o/vlc and www.v.o/vlc/download-sources.html
* BeOS Packages
Information on building:
Build in the "buildbeos" chroot on altair.
# add the .zip files to /opt/ftp/pub/videolan/vlc/vlc-X.X.X/beos/
* Win32 Packages
make the packages using the nightly builds configure/options/...
add the .zip and .exe files to /opt/ftp/pub/videolan/vlc/vlc-X.X.X/win32/
* OS X packages
At the moment, only FK can do them (so they can be compatible with OS X 10.2)
Later: on the G5
* Commit changes ... it never works the first time
* "Tag" the release
svn cp svn:// svn://
svn mv svn:// svn://
svn cp svn:// svn://
svn mv svn:// svn://
* Update the website
- edit the /index.php /vlc/*.php pages
- add a news item to news.msg
* Announce on
- click on "Get more software"
- click on "Edit an existing map entry"
- look for the 'vlc' package
- update the version number and other info and submit
- the change is instantaneaous
* Announce on
* Announce on (let sam do it)
- you need a freshmeat account
- go to
- click on the release's branch (ie Stable)
......@@ -77,11 +74,10 @@
- the update can take several hours
* Announce on VersionTracker
- ask Meuuh
* Announce email
- write something along the lines of previous releases
- post in videolan-announce (moderated), vlc et vlc-devel
- add a sticky thread in the "General VLC media player discussion" forum
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