Commit dd6a06e2 authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

Revert "demux: provide fallback for pause, PTS delay and pace control"

This reverts commit a2beb67e.
parent e82fce44
......@@ -303,65 +303,8 @@ void demux_Delete( demux_t *p_demux )
#define static_control_match(foo) \
static_assert((unsigned) DEMUX_##foo == STREAM_##foo, "Mismatch")
static int demux_ControlInternal( demux_t *demux, int query, ... )
int ret;
va_list ap;
va_start( ap, query );
ret = demux->pf_control( demux, query, ap );
va_end( ap );
return ret;
int demux_vaControl( demux_t *demux, int query, va_list args )
if( demux->s != NULL )
switch( query )
/* Legacy fallback for missing getters in synchronous demuxers */
int ret;
va_list ap;
va_copy( ap, args );
ret = demux->pf_control( demux, query, args );
if( ret != VLC_SUCCESS )
ret = vlc_stream_vaControl( demux->s, query, ap );
va_end( ap );
return ret;
/* Some demuxers need to control pause directly (e.g. adaptive),
* but many legacy demuxers do not understand pause at all.
* If DEMUX_CAN_PAUSE is not implemented, bypass the demuxer and
* byte stream. If DEMUX_CAN_PAUSE is implemented and pause is
* supported, pause the demuxer normally. Else, something went very
* wrong.
* Note that this requires asynchronous/threaded demuxers to
* always return VLC_SUCCESS for DEMUX_CAN_PAUSE, so that they are
* never bypassed. Otherwise, we would reenter demux->s callbacks
* and break thread safety. At the time of writing, asynchronous or
* threaded *non-access* demuxers do not exist and are not fully
* supported by the input thread, so this is theoretical. */
bool can_pause;
if( demux_ControlInternal( demux, DEMUX_CAN_PAUSE,
&can_pause ) )
return vlc_stream_vaControl( demux->s, query, args );
/* The caller shall not pause if pause is unsupported. */
assert( can_pause );
return demux->pf_control( demux, query, args );
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