Commit dd11b531 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Revert "Fixed open network panel."

This reverts commit 000f1e1f.
parent 9bc8ac74
......@@ -420,21 +420,15 @@ NetOpenPanel::NetOpenPanel( QWidget *_parent, intf_thread_t *_p_intf ) :
CONNECT( ui.timeShift, clicked(), this, updateMRL());
CONNECT( ui.ipv6, clicked(), this, updateMRL());
typedef QPair<QString,QString> QPairString;
QMap<int, QPairString> protocols;
#define P(value,name,dsc) do { protocols[value] = QPairString( QString(dsc), QString(name) );} while(0)
P( NO_PROTO, "", "" );
P( UDPM_PROTO, "udp", "UDP/RTP (multicast)" );
P( HTTP_PROTO, "http", "HTTP" );
P( HTTPS_PROTO, "https", "HTTPS" );
P( MMS_PROTO, "mms", "MMS" );
P( FTP_PROTO, "ftp", "FTP" );
P( RTSP_PROTO, "rtsp", "RTSP" );
P( UDP_PROTO, "udp", "UDP/RTP (unicast)" );
P( RTMP_PROTO, "rtmp", "RTMP" );
#undef P
foreach( QPairString e, protocols ) /* Sorted by key, exactly what we need */
ui.protocolCombo->addItem( e.first, QVariant(e.second.isEmpty() ) );
ui.protocolCombo->addItem( "" );
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("HTTP", QVariant("http"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("HTTPS", QVariant("https"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("FTP", QVariant("ftp"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("MMS", QVariant("mms"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("RTSP", QVariant("rtsp"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("UDP/RTP (unicast)", QVariant("udp"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("UDP/RTP (multicast)", QVariant("udp"));
ui.protocolCombo->addItem("RTMP", QVariant("rtmp"));
......@@ -526,7 +520,6 @@ void NetOpenPanel::updateMRL() {
else mrl += addr;
mrl += QString(":%1").arg( ui.portSpin->value() );
emit methodChanged("udp-caching");
mrl = "rtmp://" + addr;
emit methodChanged("rtmp-caching");
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