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France 1 - Italy 0

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......@@ -464,11 +464,14 @@ the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone.
-- #videolan
<Ourumov44> i'd like see satellite by my pc with vlc
<Ourumov44> can i?
<Meuuh> do you have a satellite dish and a dvb-s card ?
<Ourumov44> no
<Meuuh> then no
-- #videolan - let's emulate satellite dishes in software
*** Meuuh has changed the topic on channel #videolan to "NO, we do not know
how to access Italian pay TVs, so don't ask"
*** [MaDog] ( has joined channel
<[MaDog]> c' qualcuno ?????????
<Meuuh> read the topic
<[MaDog]> :)
<[MaDog]> xcuse me
*** Signoff: [MaDog] (Client Quit)
-- #videolan
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