Commit db9ec109 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Qt4 - Slider bug temporary solving.

Patch by Hannes Domani
THANKS updated.
parent 0d6d5607
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ Daniel Stränger <vlc at schmaller d0t de> - M3U, xtag and playlist improvements
Danko Dolch <info at dolchonline d0t net> - Icons and Design for Qt4 Interface
David Kennedy <dkennedy at> - X11 fullscreen patch
Daniel Dreibrodt, aka aLtgLasS <daniel d.t dreibrodt -@t- gmx d0t de> - VLC 0.8.5 default skin
Daniel Nylander <info@danielnylander at se> - Swedish translation
Daniel Nylander <info @t danielnylander at se> - Swedish translation
David J LaBarre "DJ" - Forum help, moderation and support
David Thiel - security audit and report
David Weber <david_weber at> - Mac OS X interface design & graphics (v0.5.0)
......@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ Goetz Waschk <waschk at informatik.uni-rostock dot de> - Mandrake packages
Haakon Meland Eriksen - Norwegian translation
Han HoJoong <0demon0 at paran dot com> - Korean translation
Hans-Peter Jansen <hpj at> - patch for module options handling
Harry Sintonen <> - fix for MKV demuxer
Hannes Domani <ssbssa at yahoo dot de> - Qt4 interfaces patches
Harry Sintonen <sintonen at> - fix for MKV demuxer
Igor Helman - VLM msecseek command
Ilkka Ollakka - SDP bitrate patch, various VLM fixes, transcode afilter/vfilter fix
Jan David Mol <jjdmol at> - Suggested some flags for ffmpeg building
......@@ -194,8 +195,8 @@ Udo Richter <udo underscore richter at gmx dot de> - Trancode padding / cropping
Valek Filippov <frob at> - Russian translation
Vicente Jimenez Aguilar <vice at> - Spanish translation
Vincent Dimar - WxWidgets online help patch
Vincent van den Heuvel <> - OSX about window artwork (v0.8.4)
Vincenzo Reale <smart2128 @> - Italian translation
Vincent van den Heuvel <heuvel @t> - OSX about window artwork (v0.8.4)
Vincenzo Reale <smart2128 @t> - Italian translation
Vitalijus Slavinskas <Vitalijus.Slavinskas at stud.ktu dot lt> - nsv patches
Vitaly V. Bursov <vitalyvb at ukr dot net>
Vladimir Chernyshov - MMX motion optimizations
......@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ void MainInterface::handleMainUi( QSettings *settings )
/* Configure the UI */
slider = new InputSlider( Qt::Horizontal, NULL );
ui.vboxLayout->insertWidget( 0, slider );
mainLayout->insertWidget( 0, slider );
BUTTON_SET_IMG( ui.prevSectionButton, "", previous.png, "" );
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