Commit da3ae9e4 authored by Jean-Philippe Andre's avatar Jean-Philippe Andre

[Qt] Fix tooltip texts

-- this adds a translatable string
parent 1cfd42cb
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ static const QString nameL[BUTTON_MAX] = { "Play", "Stop", "Open",
"Extended panel", "Playlist", "Snapshot", "Record", "A->B Loop",
"Frame By Frame", "Reverse" };
static const QString tooltipL[BUTTON_MAX] = { I_PLAY_TOOLTIP,
_("Stop playback"),
_("Stop playback"), _("Open a media"),
_("Previous media in the playlist"),
_("Next media in the playlist"), _("Slower"), _("Faster"),
_("Toggle the video in fullscreen"), _("Toggle the video out fullscreen"),
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