Commit d7dce911 authored by Jon Lech Johansen's avatar Jon Lech Johansen
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* ./AUTHORS: updated my country entry.

parent 20275a0b
# $Id: AUTHORS,v 1.99 2003/12/06 22:42:45 jpsaman Exp $
# $Id: AUTHORS,v 1.100 2004/01/05 12:24:51 jlj Exp $
# The format of this file was inspired by the Linux kernel CREDITS file.
# Authors are listed alphabetically.
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ D: Win32 DVD input port
D: QNX RTOS plug-in
D: MacOS X port
D: norwegian translation
S: Norway
S: France
N: Michel Kaempf
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