Commit d53cfd89 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont
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Source/VLCMedia.m: No need to ask for more than one meta at the begining.

parent 9d66a8b8
......@@ -374,10 +374,9 @@ static void HandleMediaDurationChanged(const libvlc_event_t *event, void *self)
libvlc_media_list_release( p_mlist );
/* Let's retrieve some info */
/* Force VLCMetaInformationTitle, that will trigger preparsing
* And all the other meta will be added through the libvlc event system */
[self fetchMetaInformationFromLibVLCWithType: VLCMetaInformationTitle];
[self fetchMetaInformationFromLibVLCWithType: VLCMetaInformationAlbum];
[self fetchMetaInformationFromLibVLCWithType: VLCMetaInformationArtist];
- (void)fetchMetaInformationFromLibVLCWithType:(NSString *)metaType
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