Commit d4de21db authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

Improved wording

parent b71aa629
...@@ -2184,8 +2184,8 @@ end: ...@@ -2184,8 +2184,8 @@ end:
- (void)notifyCrashLogToUser:(NSString *)crashLogPath - (void)notifyCrashLogToUser:(NSString *)crashLogPath
{ {
int ret = NSRunInformationalAlertPanel(_NS("VLC has previously crashed"), int ret = NSRunInformationalAlertPanel(_NS("VLC crashed previously"),
_NS("VLC has previously crashed, do you want to send an email with the crash to VLC's team?"), _NS("VLC crashed previously. Do you want to send an email with details on the crash to VLC's development team?"),
_NS("Send"), _NS("Don't Send"), nil, nil); _NS("Send"), _NS("Don't Send"), nil, nil);
if( ret == NSAlertDefaultReturn ) if( ret == NSAlertDefaultReturn )
{ {
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