Commit d3615517 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont

cmake: Correctly remove files prior to recmake.

parent d306828b
......@@ -11,21 +11,30 @@ then
echo "Installing CMakeLists.txt"
rm -f CMakeLists.txt
ln -sf $cmake_dir/CMakeLists/root_CMakeLists.txt CMakeLists.txt
echo "Installing src/CMakeLists.txt"
rm -f src/CMakeLists.txt
ln -sf ../$cmake_dir/CMakeLists/src_CMakeLists.txt src/CMakeLists.txt
echo "Removing old modules/gui/qt4/CMakeLists.txt"
rm -f modules/gui/qt4/CMakeLists.txt
echo "Installing modules/CMakeLists.txt"
rm -f modules/CMakeLists.txt
ln -s ../$cmake_dir/CMakeLists/modules_CMakeLists.txt modules/CMakeLists.txt
echo "Installing po/CMakeLists.txt"
rm -f po/CMakeLists.txt
ln -s ../$cmake_dir/CMakeLists/po_CMakeLists.txt po/CMakeLists.txt
echo "Installing include/config.h.cmake"
rm -f include/config.h.cmake
ln -sf ../$cmake_dir/config.h.cmake include/config.h.cmake
echo "Installing cmake/"
rm -f cmake
ln -sf $cmake_dir/include cmake
echo "Generating CMakeLists for modules/"
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