Commit d35bb926 authored by Dennis van Amerongen's avatar Dennis van Amerongen

* modules/gui/wxwidgets/extrapanel.cpp: Add the puzzle video filter to the Extended GUI.

parent 2ad6c313
......@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ static const struct filter vfilters[] =
{ "motionblur", N_("Blurring"), N_("Adds motion blurring to the image") },
{ "transform", N_("Transformation"), N_("Rotates or flips the image") },
{ "magnify", N_("Magnify"), N_("Magnifies part of the image") },
{ "puzzle", N_("Puzzle"), N_("Turns the image into a puzzle") },
{ NULL, NULL, NULL } /* Do not remove this line */
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