Commit d1a8b724 authored by Maciej Blizinski's avatar Maciej Blizinski Committed by Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Invoke check_headers with $(SHELL)

Otherwise, it gets executed with /bin/sh which on Solaris does not support the
$(...) construct. This causes 'gmake check' to fail. For example:

../src/check_headers: $(dirname ../src/check_headers): does not exist

Calling check_headers with $(SHELL) explicitly makes use of CONFIG_SHELL.
Signed-off-by: Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatarRémi Denis-Courmont <>
parent 7b0efebb
......@@ -75,4 +75,4 @@ pkgconfig_DATA = libvlc.pc
$(SHELL) ./config.status --file="lib/$@"
$(top_srcdir)/src/check_headers $(pkginclude_HEADERS)
$(SHELL) $(top_srcdir)/src/check_headers $(pkginclude_HEADERS)
......@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@ check-local:
exit 1; \
fi ; \
$(srcdir)/check_headers $(pluginsinclude_HEADERS)
$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/check_headers $(pluginsinclude_HEADERS)
@echo "Generated source cannot be phony. Go away." >&2
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