Commit d0076456 authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar
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Enabled fullscreen controler by default.

parent 3f35c517
......@@ -679,16 +679,14 @@ void *MainInterface::requestVideo( vout_thread_t *p_nvout, int *pi_x,
// emit askVideoToResize( *pi_width, *pi_height );
emit askUpdate();
//XXX uncomment for fullscreen controler
//fullscreenControls->attachVout( p_nvout );
fullscreenControls->attachVout( p_nvout );
return ret;
void MainInterface::releaseVideo( vout_thread_t *p_vout, void *p_win )
//XXX uncomment for fullscreen controler
//fullscreenControls->detachVout( p_vout );
fullscreenControls->detachVout( p_vout );
emit askReleaseVideo( p_win );
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