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* AUTHORS: Added Olivier Aubert.

  * HACKING: Elaborated on how to add a new module as suggested by Joe Kraft.
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# $Id: AUTHORS,v 1.94 2003/06/11 22:46:42 gbazin Exp $
# $Id: AUTHORS,v 1.95 2003/07/07 17:01:16 sam Exp $
# The format of this file was inspired by the Linux kernel CREDITS file.
# Authors are listed alphabetically.
......@@ -31,6 +31,11 @@ C: stippi
D: BeOS module fixes and enhancements
S: Germany
N: Olivier Aubert
E: oaubert at lisi dot univ-lyon1 dot fr
D: CORBA interface
S: France
N: Sigmund Augdal
C: sigmunau
$Id: HACKING,v 1.9 2003/07/01 11:58:29 sam Exp $
$Id: HACKING,v 1.10 2003/07/07 17:01:16 sam Exp $
Hacking vlc
......@@ -66,3 +66,6 @@ To add a module to the repository, just add its sources to a
file. If you create a new, do not forget to add a corresponding
Makefile line at the end of
To have the module built, you need to add a call to AX_ADD_PLUGINS or
AX_ADD_BUILTINS to with your new module name as argument.
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