Commit c87bb403 authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar
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* Really put po before ., not . after everything else. Fixed the

    Mozilla plugin build while preserving the fix for
parent 4b2db5bc
......@@ -7,7 +7,11 @@ NULL =
# SUBDIRS stores the directories where a "make" is required when building
# something. DIST_SUBDIRS stores the directories where nothing is built but
# which have makefiles with distribution information.
SUBDIRS = intl modules po mozilla share m4 .
# - intl should come before modules and . because all the code uses gettext
# - modules should come before . because vlc needs the builtins
# - . should come before mozilla because the plugin needs libvlc_pic.a
# - po should come before . because needs the pofiles
SUBDIRS = intl modules po . mozilla share m4
DIST_SUBDIRS = $(SUBDIRS) src debian doc ipkg lib autotools
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