Commit c5ecf50f authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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Previous strategy to not have to translate does not work.

Too bad. See the French translation for contre-exemple.
Menu accelerator fix.
parent 75661a92
......@@ -300,8 +300,10 @@ QMenu *QVLCMenu::FileMenu()
#ifdef WIN32
":/file-asym", SLOT( simpleOpenDialog() ), "Ctrl+O" );
addDPStaticEntry( menu, qtr( "Advanced Open File..." ), "",
":/file-asym", SLOT( openFileDialog() ), "" );
":/file-asym", SLOT( openFileDialog() ), "Ctrl+0" );
addDPStaticEntry( menu, qtr( I_OPEN_FOLDER ), "",
":/folder-grey", SLOT( PLOpenDir() ), "Ctrl+F" );
addDPStaticEntry( menu, qtr( "Open &Disc..." ), "",
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