Commit c545ce84 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Qt4: adapt to error changes

This gets rid of the blocking queued connection for non-modal errors,
which was causing deadlocks in the audio output

Pointed-out-by: Laurent Aimar
parent afacc88a
......@@ -38,13 +38,18 @@
DialogHandler::DialogHandler (intf_thread_t *intf, QObject *_parent)
: intf (intf), QObject( _parent ),
message (VLC_OBJECT(intf), "dialog-fatal"),
critical (VLC_OBJECT(intf), "dialog-critical"),
login (VLC_OBJECT(intf), "dialog-login"),
question (VLC_OBJECT(intf), "dialog-question"),
progressBar (VLC_OBJECT(intf), "dialog-progress-bar")
connect (&message, SIGNAL(pointerChanged(vlc_object_t *, void *)),
SLOT(displayMessage(vlc_object_t *, void *)),
var_Create (intf, "dialog-error", VLC_VAR_ADDRESS);
var_AddCallback (intf, "dialog-error", error, this);
connect (this, SIGNAL(error(const QString &, const QString &)),
SLOT(displayError(const QString &, const QString &)));
connect (&critical, SIGNAL(pointerChanged(vlc_object_t *, void *)),
SLOT(displayCritical(vlc_object_t *, void *)),
connect (&login, SIGNAL(pointerChanged(vlc_object_t *, void *)),
SLOT(requestLogin(vlc_object_t *, void *)),
......@@ -65,19 +70,33 @@ DialogHandler::DialogHandler (intf_thread_t *intf, QObject *_parent)
DialogHandler::~DialogHandler (void)
dialog_Unregister (intf);
var_DelCallback (intf, "dialog-error", error, this);
var_Destroy (intf, "dialog-error");
void DialogHandler::displayMessage (vlc_object_t *, void *value)
int DialogHandler::error (vlc_object_t *obj, const char *,
vlc_value_t, vlc_value_t value, void *data)
const dialog_fatal_t *dialog = (const dialog_fatal_t *)value;
const dialog_fatal_t *dialog = (const dialog_fatal_t *)value.p_address;
DialogHandler *self = static_cast<DialogHandler *>(data);
if (dialog->modal)
QMessageBox::critical (NULL, qfu(dialog->title), qfu(dialog->message),
if (config_GetInt (intf, "qt-error-dialogs"))
ErrorsDialog::getInstance (intf)->addError(qfu(dialog->title),
if (config_GetInt (obj, "qt-error-dialogs"))
emit self->error (qfu(dialog->title), qfu(dialog->message));
void DialogHandler::displayError (const QString& title, const QString& message)
ErrorsDialog::getInstance (intf)->addError(title, message);
void DialogHandler::displayCritical (vlc_object_t *, void *value)
const dialog_fatal_t *dialog = (const dialog_fatal_t *)value;
QMessageBox::critical (NULL, qfu(dialog->title), qfu(dialog->message),
void DialogHandler::requestLogin (vlc_object_t *, void *value)
......@@ -40,15 +40,19 @@ public:
intf_thread_t *intf;
QVLCPointer message;
static int error (vlc_object_t *, const char *, vlc_value_t, vlc_value_t,
void *);
QVLCPointer critical;
QVLCPointer login;
QVLCPointer question;
QVLCPointer progressBar;
void progressBarDestroyed (QWidget *);
void error (const QString&, const QString&);
private slots:
void displayMessage (vlc_object_t *, void *);
void displayError (const QString&, const QString&);
void displayCritical (vlc_object_t *, void *);
void requestLogin (vlc_object_t *, void *);
void requestAnswer (vlc_object_t *, void *);
void startProgressBar (vlc_object_t *, void *);
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