Commit c3543a6f authored by Rocky Bernstein's avatar Rocky Bernstein
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Meant to set first and last entry for each *track*.

parent 398bf6a8
......@@ -108,10 +108,12 @@ VCDMetaInfo( access_t *p_access, /*const*/ char *psz_mrl )
#define TITLE_MAX 30
for( i_track = 1 ; i_track < p_vcdplayer->i_tracks ; i_track++ ) {
char psz_cat[20];
unsigned int audio_type = vcdinfo_get_track_audio_type(p_vcdplayer->vcd,
uint32_t i_secsize = vcdinfo_get_track_sect_count(p_vcdplayer->vcd, i_track);
snprintf(psz_cat, sizeof(psz_cat), "Track %d", i_track);
if (p_vcdplayer->b_svd) {
addnum(_("Audio Channels"),
vcdinfo_audio_type_num_channels(p_vcdplayer->vcd, audio_type) );
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