Commit c258eaba authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme
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audio.c: fix a compiler portability issue

parent d9c3e924
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ int E_(InitAudioDec)( decoder_t *p_dec, AVCodecContext *p_context,
malloc( p_sys->p_context->extradata_size +
memcpy( p_sys->p_context->extradata,
p_dec->fmt_in.p_extra + i_offset,
(char*)p_dec->fmt_in.p_extra + i_offset,
p_sys->p_context->extradata_size );
memset( (char*)p_sys->p_context->extradata +
p_sys->p_context->extradata_size, 0,
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