Commit c2579187 authored by Andre Pang's avatar Andre Pang
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Make Mozilla plugin scriptable (e.g. so that the Javascript 'onclick'

attributes in chapter 7 of the VLC user guide actually work ;).
parent 94f55cc6
......@@ -32,6 +32,20 @@ public:
// These flags are used by the DOM and security systems to signal that
// JavaScript callers are allowed to call this object's scritable methods.
NS_IMETHOD GetFlags(PRUint32 *aFlags)
*aFlags = nsIClassInfo::PLUGIN_OBJECT | nsIClassInfo::DOM_OBJECT;
return NS_OK;
NS_IMETHOD GetImplementationLanguage(PRUint32 *aImplementationLanguage)
*aImplementationLanguage = nsIProgrammingLanguage::CPLUSPLUS;
return NS_OK;
VlcPeer( VlcPlugin * );
virtual ~VlcPeer();
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