Commit bf7b7457 authored by hartman's avatar hartman
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* adding arguments to printFormat, without a format that uses them is pretty useless.

parent 437b3638
......@@ -1516,12 +1516,12 @@ belongs to an Apple hidden private API, and then can "disapear" at any time*/
if( p_playlist->i_size == 0 )
[o_status_field setStringValue: [NSString stringWithFormat:
_NS("no items in playlist"), p_playlist->i_size]];
_NS("no items in playlist")]];
[o_status_field setStringValue: [NSString stringWithFormat:
_NS("1 item in playlist"), p_playlist->i_size]];
_NS("1 item in playlist")]];
vlc_object_release( p_playlist );
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