Commit bb84da65 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Debug code to prevent FIND_PARENT from crashing.

This will postpone a due abort or turn a crash into an abort.
Objects must not have children when they are destroyed per the current
design, though this seems to be a questionable choice.
parent 52d94333
......@@ -866,8 +866,8 @@ void __vlc_object_release( vlc_object_t *p_this )
if( b_should_destroy )
/* Remove the object from the table so that it cannot be returned from
* vlc_object_find() and friends. */
/* Remove the object from the table
* so that it cannot be encountered by vlc_object_get() */
libvlc_global_data_t *p_libvlc_global = vlc_global();
int i_index;
......@@ -875,8 +875,19 @@ void __vlc_object_release( vlc_object_t *p_this )
p_libvlc_global->i_objects );
REMOVE_ELEM( p_libvlc_global->pp_objects,
p_libvlc_global->i_objects, i_index );
/* Detach from parent to protect against FIND_CHILDREN */
if (p_this->p_parent)
vlc_object_detach_unlocked (p_this);
#ifndef NDEBUG
/* Detach from children to protect against FIND_PARENT.
* Destroying an object with children is currently not allowed anyway.
* This code is there only to ensure that the debugging code in
* vlc_object_destroy() will be invoked before a concurrent
* FIND_PARENT gets the chance to crash the process. */
for (int i = 0; i < p_this->i_children; i++)
p_this->pp_children[i]->p_parent = NULL;
vlc_mutex_unlock( &structure_lock );
......@@ -899,6 +910,7 @@ void __vlc_object_attach( vlc_object_t *p_this, vlc_object_t *p_parent )
vlc_mutex_lock( &structure_lock );
/* Attach the parent to its child */
assert (!p_this->p_parent);
p_this->p_parent = p_parent;
/* Attach the child to its parent */
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