Commit ba8f5af2 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont

macosx: Add a missing PL_LOCK in the wizard.

parent 313c62d2
......@@ -1299,9 +1299,11 @@ static VLCWizard *_o_sharedInstance = nil;
if( x == 0 )
/* play the first item and add the others afterwards */
playlist_item_t *p_item = playlist_ItemGetByInput( p_playlist, p_input, pl_Locked );
playlist_Control( p_playlist, PLAYLIST_VIEWPLAY, true, NULL,
playlist_Control( p_playlist, PLAYLIST_VIEWPLAY, pl_Locked, NULL,
p_item );
vlc_gc_decref( p_input );
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