Commit ba0c7978 authored by Eric Petit's avatar Eric Petit
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Fixed a linkage problem with BeOS/BONE.

parent f2ab9c5f
...@@ -154,6 +154,9 @@ case "x${target_os}" in ...@@ -154,6 +154,9 @@ case "x${target_os}" in
LDFLAGS_vlc="${LDFLAGS_vlc} -lbe" LDFLAGS_vlc="${LDFLAGS_vlc} -lbe"
LDFLAGS_plugins="${LDFLAGS_plugins} -nostart" LDFLAGS_plugins="${LDFLAGS_plugins} -nostart"
LDFLAGS_beos="${LDFLAGS_beos} -lbe -lmedia -lroot -ltracker -lstdc++.r4 -ltranslation" LDFLAGS_beos="${LDFLAGS_beos} -lbe -lmedia -lroot -ltracker -lstdc++.r4 -ltranslation"
LDFLAGS_access_mms="${LDFLAGS_access_mms} -lsocket"
LDFLAGS_ipv4="${LDFLAGS_ipv4} -lsocket"
LDFLAGS_httpd="${LDFLAGS_httpd} -lsocket"
dnl BONE or not BONE ? only BONE has dnl BONE or not BONE ? only BONE has
AC_CHECK_LIB( bind, inet_ntoa, AC_CHECK_LIB( bind, inet_ntoa,
[ LDFLAGS_access_mms="${LDFLAGS_access_mms} -lbind" [ LDFLAGS_access_mms="${LDFLAGS_access_mms} -lbind"
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