Commit b6716b49 authored by gbazin's avatar gbazin
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* modules/misc/freetype.c: don't display only the last line.

parent 84b053b6
......@@ -684,7 +684,7 @@ static int RenderText( filter_t *p_filter, subpicture_region_t *p_region_out,
p_region_out->i_x = p_region_in->i_x;
p_region_out->i_y = p_region_in->i_y;
Render( p_filter, p_region_out, p_line, result.x, result.y );
Render( p_filter, p_region_out, p_lines, result.x, result.y );
if( psz_unicode_orig ) free( psz_unicode_orig );
FreeLines( p_lines );
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