Commit b64cd409 authored by Zhao Zhili's avatar Zhao Zhili Committed by François Cartegnie

demux/adaptive: fix incorrect PCR

Signed-off-by: François Cartegnie's avatarFrancois Cartegnie <>
parent 09fecee4
......@@ -377,6 +377,7 @@ int FakeESOut::esOutControl_Callback(es_out_t *fakees, int i_query, va_list args
i_group = 0;
int64_t pcr = va_arg( args, int64_t );
me->checkTimestampsStart( pcr );
pcr += me->getTimestampOffset();
AbstractCommand *command = me->commandsqueue->factory()->createEsOutControlPCRCommand( i_group, pcr );
if( likely(command) )
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