Commit b63d9dde authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Remove Linux distros from old contrib

parent 89c4b526
......@@ -296,13 +296,8 @@ if test -z "${DISTRO}" -a "$TARGET" = "$BUILD"; then
# Try to match distribution
if test -f /etc/fedora-release; then
hint_distro fedora
elif test -f /etc/maemo_version; then
if test -f /etc/maemo_version; then
hint_distro maemo5
elif test -f /etc/debian_version; then
# NOTE: check for Debian *after* its derivatives
hint_distro debian
# Debian Linux
all: .iconv .intl .freetype .fribidi .zlib \
.a52 .mpeg2 .mad .ogg .vorbis .vorbisenc .theora \
.flac .speex .faad .lame .ebml .matroska .ffmpeg .dvdcss \
.live .goom2k4 .caca .mod .x264 .xml .twolame \
.png .gpg-error .gcrypt .gnutls .mpcdec \
.dvdnav .dvbpsi .dirac \
.dca .raw1394 .dc1394 .lua .zvbi \
.kate .tiger
# .SDL_image .daap .cddb .cdio .vcdimager
# Fedora Linux rules
# Most dependencies are available from livna repro.
all: .a52 .mpeg2 .mad .ogg .vorbis .vorbisenc .theora \
.flac .speex .faad .lame .ebml .matroska .ffmpeg \
.live .goom2k4 .caca .mod .x264 .xml .twolame \
.mpcdec \
.dvbpsi .dirac .schroedinger \
.dca .lua .zvbi .kate .tiger
# Automatically generated by bootstrap
# Make changes if you know what you're doing.
# Standard Linux or other UNIX-like systems
.ffmpeg \
.live .goom2k4 \
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