Commit b52e70c8 authored by Gildas Bazin's avatar Gildas Bazin

* doc/vlm.txt: small update to reflect the latest changes.

parent a02a027f
......@@ -61,8 +61,10 @@ Note: an element is a media or a schedule.
"del all" destroys all elements.
"del media" destroys all medias.
"del schedule" destroys all schedules.
control (name) (command)
Changes the state of the (name) media.
control (name) [instance_name] (command)
Changes the state of the (instance_name) instance of (name) media.
If (instance_name) is not specified, the control command affects the
default instance.
See Commands section for more information.
save (config_file)
Saves all media and schedule configurations in the (config_file)
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