Commit b1eae5f4 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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std: Always use module name if access was not specified

parent bedf87eb
......@@ -333,14 +333,7 @@ static int Open( vlc_object_t *p_this )
psz_access = var_GetNonEmptyString( p_stream, SOUT_CFG_PREFIX "access" );
if( !psz_access )
if( !strcmp( p_stream->psz_name, "http" ) )
psz_access = strdup("http");
else if (!strcmp (p_stream->psz_name, "udp"))
psz_access = strdup("udp");
else if (!strcmp (p_stream->psz_name, "file"))
psz_access = strdup("file");
psz_access = strdup(p_stream->psz_name);
psz_url = var_GetNonEmptyString( p_stream, SOUT_CFG_PREFIX "dst" );
if (!psz_url)
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