Commit b1a87e00 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Optimize a little bit more

parent 1c8f5cc6
...@@ -173,15 +173,28 @@ static void Do_S32_S16 (aout_instance_t *aout, aout_filter_t *filter, ...@@ -173,15 +173,28 @@ static void Do_S32_S16 (aout_instance_t *aout, aout_filter_t *filter,
: :
: "q0", "memory"); : "q0", "memory");
if (nb_samples & 8)
asm volatile (
"vld1.s32 {q0-q1}, [%[inp]]!\n"
"vrshrn.i32 d0, q0, #13\n"
"vrshrn.i32 d1, q1, #13\n"
"vst1.s16 {q0}, [%[outp]]!\n"
: [outp] "+r" (outp), [inp] "+r" (inp)
: "q0", "q1", "memory");
while (inp != endp) while (inp != endp)
asm volatile ( asm volatile (
"vld1.s32 {q0-q1}, [%[inp]]!\n" "vld1.s32 {q0-q1}, [%[inp]]!\n"
"vld1.s32 {q2-q3}, [%[inp]]!\n"
"vrshrn.s32 d0, q0, #13\n" "vrshrn.s32 d0, q0, #13\n"
"vrshrn.s32 d1, q1, #13\n" "vrshrn.s32 d1, q1, #13\n"
"vst1.s16 {q0}, [%[outp]]!\n" "vrshrn.s32 d2, q2, #13\n"
"vrshrn.s32 d3, q3, #13\n"
"vst1.s16 {q0-q1}, [%[outp]]!\n"
: [outp] "+r" (outp), [inp] "+r" (inp) : [outp] "+r" (outp), [inp] "+r" (inp)
: :
: "q0", "q1", "memory"); : "q0", "q1", "q2", "q3", "memory");
outbuf->i_nb_samples = inbuf->i_nb_samples; outbuf->i_nb_samples = inbuf->i_nb_samples;
outbuf->i_nb_bytes = inbuf->i_nb_bytes / 2; outbuf->i_nb_bytes = inbuf->i_nb_bytes / 2;
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