Commit b0288ab5 authored by damienf's avatar damienf
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- directshow: added fps in debug info

parent ff6739d0
......@@ -614,10 +614,11 @@ STDMETHODIMP CapturePin::QueryAccept( const AM_MEDIA_TYPE *pmt )
msg_Dbg( p_input, "CapturePin::QueryAccept [OK] "
"(width=%ld, height=%ld, chroma=%4.4s)",
"(width=%ld, height=%ld, chroma=%4.4s, fps=%f)",
((VIDEOINFOHEADER *)pmt->pbFormat)->bmiHeader.biWidth,
((VIDEOINFOHEADER *)pmt->pbFormat)->bmiHeader.biHeight,
(char *)&i_fourcc );
(char *)&i_fourcc,
10000000.0f/((float)((VIDEOINFOHEADER *)pmt->pbFormat)->AvgTimePerFrame) );
else if( pmt->majortype == MEDIATYPE_Audio )
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