Commit b020cf3a authored by zorglub's avatar zorglub
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Match doxygen \todo marker

parent 59c865d1
......@@ -3,10 +3,10 @@ au Syntax c call VlcSyntax()
au Syntax cpp call VlcSyntax()
function VlcSyntax()
" Look for a VideoLAN copyright in the first 10 lines
" Look for a VideoLAN copyright in the first 15 lines
let line=1
let vlc=0
if matchend(getline(line), "Copyright.*VideoLAN") > -1
let vlc=1
......@@ -113,5 +113,8 @@ function VlcSyntax()
" don't put trailing spaces! DON'T USE TABS!!!
syn match cSpaceError display excludenl "\s\+$"
syn match cSpaceError display "\t"
" Todo
syn keyword cTodo contained TODO FIXME XXX \todo \bug
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