Commit aff22756 authored by gbazin's avatar gbazin

* NEWS: few changes.

parent 77caf181
......@@ -15,8 +15,6 @@ Codecs:
* Packetizer interfaced between demux and codec when needed
(allows using ffmpeg plugin to decode MPEG streams and better aac decoding).
* mmsh streaming fixes.
* subviewer and subviewer v2 subtitles support.
......@@ -30,7 +28,8 @@ Stream output:
* Improved session announcement system.
* Minimize threads useage by default.
* Added faster than realtime stream output (limited by CPU) for file output.
* Improved mov/mp4 muxer.
* Improved MOV/MP4 muxer.
* Improved MPEG TS muxer.
* Meta info options used by the muxers.
* Better audio channels downmixing when transcoding.
......@@ -45,10 +44,8 @@ Interfaces:
- Ability to embed video output.
- Support for bitmap fonts.
- Lots of improvements.
* wxWindows
- New design and set of icons.
- New streaming wizard.
- Ability to embed video output.
Win32 port:
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