Commit aedf2f6c authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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You can't find the root object, so don't try to mess up with it

parent c84e332e
......@@ -37,9 +37,7 @@ static vlc_object_t *GetVLCObject( intf_thread_t *p_intf,
vlc_object_t *p_object = NULL;
*pb_need_release = VLC_FALSE;
if( !strcmp( psz_object, "VLC_OBJECT_ROOT" ) )
i_object_type = VLC_OBJECT_ROOT;
else if( !strcmp( psz_object, "VLC_OBJECT_LIBVLC" ) )
if( !strcmp( psz_object, "VLC_OBJECT_LIBVLC" ) )
p_object = VLC_OBJECT(p_intf->p_libvlc);
else if( !strcmp( psz_object, "VLC_OBJECT_INTF" ) )
p_object = VLC_OBJECT(p_intf);
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