Commit ada0afff authored by Erwan Tulou's avatar Erwan Tulou
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skins2: correct a uri conversion issue with new vlc_path2uri

new vlc_path2uri function now expects a valid not-yet-converted file name.

This fixes art display errors with latest vlc from current git rep.
parent 7f9b60fa
......@@ -43,10 +43,16 @@ FileBitmap::FileBitmap( intf_thread_t *pIntf, image_handler_t *pImageHandler,
video_format_Init( &fmt_in, 0 );
video_format_Init( &fmt_out, VLC_CODEC_RGBA );
char* psz_uri = vlc_path2uri( fileName.c_str(), NULL );
pPic = image_ReadUrl( pImageHandler, psz_uri, &fmt_in, &fmt_out );
if( strstr( fileName.c_str(), "://" ) == NULL )
char *psz_uri = vlc_path2uri( fileName.c_str(), NULL );
if( !psz_uri )
fileName = psz_uri;
free( psz_uri );
pPic = image_ReadUrl( pImageHandler, fileName.c_str(), &fmt_in, &fmt_out );
if( !pPic )
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