Commit ad361046 authored by Lucas C. Villa Real's avatar Lucas C. Villa Real Committed by Laurent Aimar

Fixes a crash in VLC caused by a missing verification for a NULL pointer.

Signed-off-by: default avatarLaurent Aimar <>
parent 8f447e01
......@@ -1234,7 +1234,7 @@ static void EsOutProgramMeta( es_out_t *out, int i_group, const vlc_meta_t *p_me
char **ppsz_all_keys = vlc_meta_CopyExtraNames(p_meta );
info_category_t *p_cat = NULL;
if( psz_provider || *ppsz_all_keys[0] )
if( psz_provider || ( ppsz_all_keys[0] && *ppsz_all_keys[0] ) )
char *psz_cat = EsOutProgramGetMetaName( p_pgrm );
if( psz_cat )
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