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include: document some assumptions in libvlc_new()

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......@@ -120,6 +120,31 @@ LIBVLC_API const char *libvlc_printerr (const char *fmt, ...);
* This functions accept a list of "command line" arguments similar to the
* main(). These arguments affect the LibVLC instance default configuration.
* \note
* LibVLC may create threads. Therefore, any thread-unsafe process
* initialization must be performed before calling libvlc_new(). In particular
* and where applicable:
* - setlocale() and textdomain(),
* - setenv(), unsetenv() and putenv(),
* - with the X11 display system, XInitThreads()
* (see also libvlc_media_player_set_xwindow()) and
* - on Microsoft Windows, SetErrorMode().
* - sigprocmask() shall never be invoked; pthread_sigmask() can be used.
* On POSIX systems, the SIGCHLD signal must <b>not</b> be ignored, i.e. the
* signal handler must set to SIG_DFL or a function pointer, not SIG_IGN.
* Also while LibVLC is active, the wait() function shall not be called, and
* any call to waitpid() shall use a strictly positive value for the first
* parameter (i.e. the PID). Failure to follow those rules may lead to a
* deadlock or a busy loop.
* Also on POSIX systems, it is recommended that the SIGPIPE signal be blocked,
* even if it is not, in principles, necessary.
* On Microsoft Windows Vista/2008, the process error mode
* SEM_FAILCRITICALERRORS flag <b>must</b> with the SetErrorMode() function
* before using LibVLC. On later versions, it is optional and unnecessary.
* \version
* Arguments are meant to be passed from the command line to LibVLC, just like
* VLC media player does. The list of valid arguments depends on the LibVLC
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