Commit aba33555 authored by ivoire's avatar ivoire
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Typos, remove Jean-Baptiste since we owe him more than a « thanks ». Patch by funman.

parent 16b6bc95
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ Fumio Nakayama <endymion at> - Japanese translation
Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng at gnome dot hu> - Hungarian translation
Geoffrey Roussel <meka321 at hotmail dot com> - Christmas easter egg Artwork
Georgi Chorbadzhiyski <gf at unixsol dot org> - HTTP access error handling fix
Gisle Vanem <giva at bgnet dot no> - gettieoffay under win32
Gisle Vanem <giva at bgnet dot no> - gettimeoffay under win32
Glen Gray <slaine at slaine do rog> - RTSP keepalive
Greg Farrell <greg at gregfarell dot org> - rc interface "enqueue" command
Gregory Hazel <ghazel at gmail dot com> - wxWidgets fixes and improvements
......@@ -104,7 +104,6 @@ Jan Gerber <j at v2v dot org> - patch theora decoding aspect ratio
Jan Van Boghout <vlc at> - iTunes like slider for OSX intf
Javier Varela <tonxabar at> - Spanish translation
Jean-Alexis Montignies <ja at> - coreaudio multiple streams fix
Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb at via dot> - Contrib system upgrade
Jean-Baptiste Le Stang <jp.lestand at> - Equalizer-GUI-fixes (OSX), Universal Binary Script
Jean-Philippe Grimaldi <jeanphi at> - bug fixes
Dugal Harris <dugalh at protoclea dot. co dot za > - ActiveX bug fixes
......@@ -184,13 +183,12 @@ Rémi Duraffort <ivoire at> - various QT4 patches
Remco Poortinga <poortinga at> - IPv6 multicast patch
Rene Gollent <rgollent at> - BeOS interface fix
Richard Hosking <richard at> - v4l2 support
Rob Casey (rob dot casey AT swishgroup dot com dot au) - Amino RTSP fix
Rob Casey <rob dot casey AT swishgroup dot com dot au> - Amino RTSP fix
Rudolf Cornelissen <rag.cornelissen at> - BeOS fixes
Roine Gustafsson <roine at> - spudec bug fixes
Roman Bednarek <roman at> - MPL2 subtitles support
Sašo Kiselkov <skiselkov _at_ gmail dot com> - RTSP session timeout fix for some STBs, multipass x264 patch
Scott Caudle <dorkmanzcot at gmail dot com> - Visualization, WX
Scott Caudle <dorkmanzcot at gmail dot com> - Visualization, WX improvements
Sebastien Chaumat <Sebastien.Chaumat at> - YOPY port tests
Simon Damkjær Andersen <simondamkjaer at> - playmode icons and the entire Fullscreen Panel design for the OSX GUI (v0.8.6)
Stefán Freyr Stefánsson <stefan.freyr -at-> - Qt4 speed slider
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