Commit a992f410 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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h264 packetizer: don't swap around CC data

When we output a picture we reinit p_sys->cc_next anyway

sys_t->cc represents the CC data for the picture about to be output
sys_t->cc_next will hold the CC data for the picture currently being input
parent 1738103b
......@@ -789,11 +789,7 @@ static block_t *OutputPicture( decoder_t *p_dec )
p_sys->i_cc_dts = p_pic->i_dts;
p_sys->i_cc_flags = p_pic->i_flags;
/* Swap cc buffer */
cc_data_t cc_tmp = p_sys->cc;
p_sys->cc = p_sys->cc_next;
p_sys->cc_next = cc_tmp;
cc_Flush( &p_sys->cc_next );
return p_pic;
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