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Close #8467
parent adb1e78b
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ Source Code Content:
ABOUT-NLS - Notes on the Free Translation Project.
AUTHORS - VLC authors.
COPYING - The GPL license.
COPYING.LIB - The LGPL license.
INSTALL - Installation and building instructions.
NEWS - Important modifications between the releases.
README - This file.
......@@ -37,14 +38,16 @@ THANKS - VLC contributors.
bin/ - VLC binaries.
bindings/ - libVLC bindings to other languages.
compat/ - compatibility library for operating systems missing
essential functionnalities.
contrib/ - external libraries retrieving facilities for systems that
don't have package manager.
essential functionalities.
contrib/ - Facilities for retrieving external libraries and building
them for systems that don't have the right versions.
doc/ - Miscellaneous documentation.
extras/analyser - Code analyser and editor specific files.
extras/buildsystem - different buildsystems specific files.
extras/misc - Files that don't fit in the other extras/ categories.
extras/package - VLC packaging specific files such as spec files.
extras/tools/ - Facilities for retrieving external building tools needed
for systems that don't have the right versions.
include/ - Header files.
lib/ - libVLC source code.
modules/ - VLC plugins and modules. Most of the code is here.
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