Commit a77d803e authored by gbazin's avatar gbazin
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* fixed matroska detection.

parent 9abee4a8
......@@ -1383,10 +1383,10 @@ if test "${enable_mkv}" = "yes"
dnl matroska headers include ebml headers directly... pouah that stinks
CPPFLAGS="${CPPFLAGS_save} -I/usr/include/ebml -I/usr/include/matroska"
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(EbmlVersion.h KaxVersion.h, [
CPPFLAGS="${CPPFLAGS_save} -I/usr/local/include/ebml -I/usr/include/ebml"
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(EbmlVersion.h matroska/KaxVersion.h, [
AX_ADD_CXXFLAGS([mkv],[-I/usr/include/ebml -I/usr/include/matroska])
AX_ADD_CXXFLAGS([mkv],[-I/usr/local/include/ebml -I/usr/include/ebml])
AX_ADD_LDFLAGS([mkv],[-lmatroska -lebml])
AC_MSG_ERROR([libebml or libmatroska include files not found])
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