Commit a6eead7f authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Win32: prepare vlc-cache-gen for distribution

parent f6f321dc
......@@ -708,6 +708,7 @@ package-win-common:
# Copy relevant files
# Copy executables, major libs+manifests
cp "$(top_builddir)/bin/.libs/vlc$(EXEEXT)" "$(win32_destdir)/"
cp "$(top_builddir)/bin/.libs/vlc-cache-gen$(EXEEXT)" "$(win32_destdir)/"
cp "$(top_srcdir)/extras/package/win32/vlc.exe.manifest" "$(win32_destdir)/"
cp "$(top_srcdir)/extras/package/win32/libvlc.dll.manifest" "$(win32_destdir)/"
cp "$(top_builddir)/src/.libs/libvlccore$(LIBEXT)" "$(win32_destdir)/"
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