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  * Updated version number to 0.2.71 (release today).

  * Merged 6 months of CVS logs to the ChangeLog file.
    The vlc changelog can now be viewed here:

  * Fixed a lintian error in debian/rules.
  * XVideo resize patch by Shane Harper <>.
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ChangeLog for vlc
# ChangeLog for vlc
# =================
* Nothing yet.
Fri, 13 Apr 2001 08:13:26 +0200
* Merged 6 months of CVS logs to the ChangeLog file.
* Fixed a lintian error in debian/rules.
* XVideo resize patch by Shane Harper <>.
* Added udf fix by Billy Biggs.
* Added checks in dvd_ifo.
* Cleanings in gnome interface : the interface should depend on the
input method.
* Intf: TS streams in menu
* TS input: only one audio & spu ES selected at a time
* Removed the build of the vlc app from the install target.
* Added an icon to the MacOS X vlc.
* "make" now correctly updates
* Fixed BeOS menu problem.
* Added a field to p_input->stream to inform the interface of a stream.
change (useful in network mode).
* Added error checks in dvd input.
* Changed the way ifo are read.
* Fixed a bug in area management.
* Fixed a warning in netutils.c.
* Created darwin_specific.c to store the program path at boot time.
(XXX: check that it didn't break the OS X port)
* Removed redefinition of NULL in src/audio_decoder/adec_layer?.c.
* Updated icons.
* BeOS icon and MIME resources courtesy of Wade Majors <>.
* Updated to make by default on Mac OS X & Darwin, added
clean code for it as well.
* Hacked main.c to disregard argv[1] when compiled for OSX & run as a full
app (ie., double clicked and not launched from command line).
* Cleaned up debug spew left in modules.c and video_text.c.
* Created macosx_common.h in plugins/macosx/ to hold common stuff.
* Updated & cleaned up intf_macosx.c and vout_macosx.c - added Open menu
function support and a no-frills About box.
* Fixed icons location and Debian desktop menus.
* Fixed a memory leak in gtk_callbacks.c (thanks to Dae).
* Disabled message queue by default.
* A few other changes in the CSS code, the BeOS issues should be fixed.
* Corrected an awful typo in the version name.
* Removed deprecated stuff from config.h.
* Fixed the whitespace/tab issues in the Makefile.
* X and Xv output: added autohide cursor as in SDL.
* X and Xv: keys 1 to 0 change channel.
* SDL: keys F1 to F10 change channel.
* Ported the 0.2.0's channel changing functions.
* Fixed the lock segfault bug with some compilers.
Sat, 7 Apr 2001 05:52:00 +0200
* Fixed headers for FreeBSD compilation.
* Fixed debian/rules for non-x86 packages (Closes: Debian bug #88583).
......@@ -102,14 +155,670 @@ ChangeLog for vlc
* Playlist now refreshes when a file is opened.
* XVideo plugin background is now black instead of white.
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 00:41:16 +0100
* Got rid of the CONTRIBUTORS list, and switched AUTHORS to a
linux-kernel like author list.
* Updated TODO list.
* Fixed a segfault in the BeOS interface when --noaudio was specified.
* Title and Chapter selection in the Gnome and Gtk+ interfaces.
* Fixed a bug in audio selection
* Tried to fix an issue in size computing.
* Commited BeOS changes by Richard Shepherd and Tony Castley.
* Added boolean_t b_YCbr to vout_thread_s structure to flag YUV-YCbCr
decoding needed instead of YUV-RGB
* Will be removed later when video_output.c rewritten
* vout_CreateThread() initialises b_YCbr to zero
* New BeOS video plugin that supports hardware overlays and new
MediaPlayer compatible interface
* Added YUV-YCbCr transforms
* Fixed bugs in title/chapter handling once more, especially for size
detection and location of main movie.
* Support for multitrack DVD : now the stream is given to input as it has
to be ; however, all the tracks are displayed one after the other ; I
think we need to decode navigation ES to choose the track
* Fixed behaviour at end of device.
* Added DVD/VCD button and menu for quick DVD device selection to the
Gnome and Gtk+ interfaces, so that vlc can play a DVD even when
launched from a GUI.
* Added debian/* files to help generating CSS-enabled non-US packages,
and changed plugins/dvd/* to reflect this change.
* Added .xpm icons (fixes lintian warnings).
* --help output and manpage are now in sync (Closes Debian bug #87478).
* Fixed Build-dpends entry in debian/control (Closes Debian bug #83707).
* Completely changed title and chapter initialization. Now we have real
title units.
* Fixed size for a majority of DVD.
* More consistency in the p_input->stream management.
* Made input_SelectES() and input_UnselectES() not block the input thread
for a long time.
* Changed debian/control to fix Debian bug #83707
* Added a --disable-css configure option
* Moved some code here and there in the DVD plugin to make it easier
for me to build the Debian CSS-free packages.
* Fixed miscellaneous alignment problems (alpha/sparc ports) ;
* Added a fps display when toggling 'i' ;
* Fixed a bug in the video parser where one picture buffer was not
released at quit time ;
* Broke the mux_rate calculation, but hey guys ! it was already broken and
nobody noticed it.
* New function for DVD reading, that is able to read multiple blocks
(I've chosen 32 now), that doesn't use any memcpy anymore and is also much
faster. It is ready now for cell positioning in multi-angle DVD (to come
* DVD specific netlist adapted to 2048 bytes long blocks that contain
several data_packets.
* Modification in mpeg_system.c to use p_payload_start instead of
p_buffer (necessary for DVD plugin). It does not break other plugins
since they set p_payload_start to p_buffer
* New field i_read_once in input_thread_s to be able to read more than
the TS related 7 packets ; i_read_once is set to INPUT_READ_ONCE by
defaults but plugins can change it during initialisation.
* Bug fix with frequential downmix
* Additional optimizations to the subtitle decoder
* The GGI video output should now be faster. Also, right-mouse-clicking
works in GGI mode as well.
* Optimizations done to the SPU decoder. Now the RLE is expanded at
decoding time, not rendering time. The main loop in vout_RenderSPU
is now 20 lines long.
* The Gtk+ interface is now built as a Debian package as well. The Gnome
package depends on it because of the icon and menu entry.
* Added an intf_WarnHexDump() function to do raw hexadecimal dumps of
memory areas. For debugging purposes or for real men, as you wish.
* Lots of tidying in dvd_ioctl.c, a few comments added.
* Better error handling in the subpicture decoder.
* Tidied video_spu.c. More to come later.
* Fixed subtitle displaying. Will soon work in overlay mode as well.
* Disabled slice-level resynchro since it's probably buggy.
* Fixed a structural major bug in the macroblock structure management.
* Added debug messages.
* Fixed a compile problem in debug mode.
* Added functions and hooks to display dates instead of off_t.
* Added a 'd' keystroke to dump the stream contents (for debugging
* New ES detection based on .ifo for DVD module. It might fail (I have
found one DVD for which ifo seems false).
* Title and chapter selection on the command line (see -t and -T options)
It will allow to watch some DVD that went through menus by default.
* Beginning of menus in gnome interface.
* Fix bug in ac3dec for mono streams
* BeOS: bew video output method, the vlc now uses BBitmap instead of
BDirectWindow (better performances)
* BeOS: added resizing
* BeOS: added beta support for overlay
* Added a plain Gtk+ port of the Gnome interface, for the gnome-impaired
people. Gtk+ is now compiled by default, while Gnome isn't (you will
have to add --enable-gnome when running configure)
* Replaced -lcurses with -lncurses in
* Added DemuxPSI, DecodePAT and DecodePMT. Never tested which streams
where PAT or PMT are splitted in more than one section.
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 17:32:24 +0100
* DVD plugin is still non-functional when you don't have DVD ioctls,
but at least it compiles under BeOS as well.
* Minor cosmetic changes here and there.
* Added the BeOS code for vlc_mutex_destroy() and vlc_cond_destroy()
* Minor optimizations in the video decoder.
* Move ac3 globals variables into structures
* Fixed a bash-ism in
* Fixed a segfault in input.c when no input plugin was found for
a given file.
* Fixed a deadlock in the Gnome interface. Next time I'll initialize
my mutexes, I promise.
* Added Oct to the authors list in :)
* Second step in area management ; everything is in place now to have
title handling; it is coming :)
* Ported Glide and MGA plugins to the new module API. MGA never worked,
so this didn't make it work better.
* Started thinking about built-in modules, and added some code to
make it easier eventually.
* Added Oct in the AUTHORS file.
* Fixed a mistake in
* All your base are belong to us.
* Fixed a bug in src/misc/modules which prevented loading modules
when launched from the Tracker.
* Fixed a similar bug in src/video_output/video_text.c.
* BeOS CSS support, thanks to Markus Kuespert <>
who ported the Linux DVD ioctls. We can now read encrypted DVDs
under BeOS ! Woohoo.
* First serie of changes in DVD module for the forthcoming interface menus.
There is a new capability in input type modules for setting the
attributes of a new area. It is set to NULL for PS and TS plugins.
It should be called for every title change, chapter change,
audio mode change or spu channel change.
* Kludge of the kludge, removing an oddity in YUV initialisation, and
activating YUV overlay on startup whenever hardware acceleration is
available. Thanks for bearing with us, stay tuned.
* mux_rate parsing.
* Changed video decoder's error messages into warnings.
* Add dither fix
* Drag and drop support under BeOS.
* Change in the code to detect beginning of movie. It is much better now
but still fails with some DVD for which the movie is not the first
* Beginning of ideas to handle chapters and ES selection
* and patches for better SDL support and
support for $(bindir) $(datadir) and $(libdir) stuff, courtesy
of Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <misiek@pld.ORG.PL>
* Ported to the new modules API. As for the other modules, only
the "q" key works. Moreover, VLC doesn't exit cleanly if you close the
GGI window.
* Deactivated non-working widgets in the Gnome interface.
* Added CONTRIBUTORS file.
* Ported the framebuffer plugin to the new module API. As for most of the
other video output modules, keyboard doesn't work. Except ^C to quit.
* UDF filesystem support so that we know the location of the first video
related file with 100% reliability (great change that should make DVDs
with binaries and extra stuff work with vlc).
* Correction of a bug in ifo reading that falsified the adress of
video titles.
* Changed the method for selecting title at start. It is _not_ reliable
though, but it is better than the preceding one.
* Tried to fix the BeOS interface and video output. Any BeOS developers
listening ? I can't even test that code, it probably wants additional
* Added a workaround in modules.c for broken libc's which happen to truncate
filenames in dentry structures when using 64bits offsets. The kind of
stuff you only see in RedHats <g>.
* Made the SDL error messages a bit more useful.
* The Gnome menu is now created when mouse is released, not when it
is pressed. It may sound stupid, but it really makes a difference.
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 08:09:59 +0100
* Fixed package building (both RPMs and .debs).
* Fixed `make snapshot' rule.
* Added some magic to filename detection. To read a DVD you now just
need to run 'vlc dvd:/dev/hdc' for instance. Same for file:// URIs.
* Fixed a segfault in the slider when no stream was playing.
* Made the slider go from 0 to 100 (instead of 99 :)
* The vlc now doesn't exit when finished playing. As a side effect of
the playlist code being very recent, it continuously loops.
* Fixed a segfault in the input thread creation, as well as a possible
deadlock. This happened mostly when opening non-existing files.
* Created input_SetStatus to do input_SetRate's job. input_SetRate will
be used to set an arbitrary rate, for people who want to read DVDs at
1/2.71828 times the actual speed.
* Stubs for the ncurses control interface. No working code yet, but the
holes just need to be filled.
* Improved X11 support. Still not as functional as before.
* The output window now states the method name, so that people know whether
they are using X11 or SDL.
* The Gnome interface is now drag'n'drop aware, you can drop a file
on it just like Xine does (or so I guess).
* New more recent css authentication code.
* Beginning of udf support (not in Makefile)
* Removed useless includes in intf_gnome.c
* Made the vout_sdl.c functions static
* Ported vout_x11.c to the modules API; code isn't very nice yet though
* X11 output works again. It's just the output, but it works; I now need
to clean the code and add event handling.
* Should have fixed the dependency generater for some plugins.
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 08:33:46 +0100
* Started porting the X11 vout (still disabled)
* A few unnoticeable changes in the Gnome intf
* Changes in the way stream size in DVD mode is calculated. It is no
longer such an ugly kludge and is much more accurate.
* Changes in DVDSeek so that the interface slider is in 0 when we are at
the beginning of the strem.
* Try to detect the beginning of the movie in the middle of the title. It
works for most of the DVDs but will begin in the middle of the movie
with some others.
* Calculate only the first title key in css mode because it might take a
long time with some title. The search stops now when we have a key once
whereas it did stop only when we had it twice before. It should not
cause problems.
* Really fixed MC segfault bug.
* Adaptation of DVD module to navigation slider. The seek has to be
done on a multiple of 2048, and shopuld take care of the offset to the
beginning of the stream. It works with most of my DVDs by fails to
detect size of some streams.
* Change of the order of call to ifo and css functions in input_dvd.c,
because we can't read ifo files before authentification on some DVDs.
* Changed location of some css tables.
* We read ifo date and decrypt css keys for all titles now. It takes quite a
long time to initialize with some DVDs (if you have 42 titles for
instance). The key decryption might give a false value if the title is
less than 10 Mb ; I'm working on that :)
* Quick patch to avoid a segfault when arbitrarily seeking the stream.
* Added --intf option to vlc
* Started cleaning vout_sdl.c
* The dummy plugin works again
* Added a slider to the Gnome interface so that we can browse through streams
* Removed enhancement because of an incompatibility with slow motion.
* We can now seek at position 0 :p ;
* Tried to enhance picture dating on timebase discontinuities.
* Fixed pause bug.
* Much cleaning in css code. It should work fine now.
* Fixed my old stupid bug that disabled sound after having played the
first playlist item.
* Added `Prev' and `Next' buttons to the interface, with the beginning of
a playlist window (still empty).
* Added `Slow' and `Fast' buttons to the interface and popup menu.
* Removed tests against i_rate and i_new_rate calculation from the
plugins and hid this complexity into input_ext-intf.c
* The pure Gnome part of the Gnome interface has been rewritten from
scratch, and the .glade file included as well. You can edit it by
installing glade-gnome and doing `glade plugins/gnome/',
or directly by hand if you grok XML.
* Files can now be loaded into vlc using the `Open' buttons. But for the
moment you still have to launch vlc with at least one file, because it
quits when the end of the playlist is reached.
* Idle screen was disabled because it eats a lot of CPU and is mostly
useless for the moment. And it gets activated when pause lasts for too
* Plugins have completely disappeared, we now only use the new module API.
* All intf and vout modules are now independant. So far, only the Gnome
intf module and the SDL vout module have been ported. has
been modified to reflect the changes (x11 and dummy aren't compiled by
default anymore, while SDL and Gnome are).
* Right-clicking on the SDL video output window brings the Gnome menu.
* Pause, Play, Exit, About work from the menu or from the interface window.
* The old SDL keys still work.
* Fixed a bug in #define that prevented from using ioctls
* Some functions to prepare ifo commands utilisation to move in the
structures of DVDs
* Change in configure to avoid compiling css functions on BSD.
* Added comments to src/interface/intf_plst.c and include/intf_plst.h
so that people understand how the playlist works.
* Updated the TODO list (34 items to do, 41 done !)
* Portability : changed off64_t to off_t and activated appropriate
GNU/Linux options ;
* Changed fseek() to fseeko() for 64-bit offsets ;
* Reset frame predictors on a stream discontinuity.
* Implemented basic stream navigation function, and bound Jump forward
and jump Backward in the SDL intf. Enjoy !
* Pause function implemented ('p' key).
* Fixed a compile probleme on machine without a dvd player :ppppp
* Fixed two bugs in ifo and css that caused memory corruption and
segfault when using sdl in dvd mode.
* Moved the playlist handling from input/input.c to interface/interface.c
* Fixed a few warnings at compile-time.
* Fixed sound channel selection in playlist mode.
* Added a color message in the plugin bank because on peut bien déconner
cinq minutes, quand-même.
* We now spawn a new input thread for each file.
* Added a missing pf_close() because it's always cool to close files
after we read them.
* Solved bug with cssdescrambling. The vlc might segfault with dvd
plugins. I will fix that soon.
* Minor modification in pluginification.
* Playlist works again (still the old wrong way like Meuuh doesn't
like, but this is going to change within a few hours)
* Input_ps, input_ts and input_dvd are now plugins, located in
plugins/mpeg/ and plugins/dvd/
* Fast/slow keys are now A/Z instead of A/S since S was already
linked to the scale/noscale toggle.
* `--dvd' doesn't work anymore, for the moment try to use :
vlc --input dvd /dev/dvd
* Module bank is now less verbose ; use `--warn 1' to turn back
verbosity on
* New method using netlist to read packets on DVD device by sectors of
2048 bytes.
* Some modifications in netlist to make it work with DVD.
* Fixed à bug in mpeg_system.c
* We can now choose the speed of forward (between 32/1 and 1/8)
* Functional fast forward and slow motion API ;
* Dirty hack in the SDL intf to bind "a" (fAst forward), "s" (Slow motion)
and "p" (Play).
* Centralized clock management, preparing for stream navigation ;
* Fixed a bug in the management of the first video PTS.
* Fixed a bug in period calculation for progressive sequences.
* Fixed a FIXME in SDL: p_vout->p_sys is no more used in intf_sdl.c
* Used instead p_vout->i_changes like in x11
* Disabled SDL parachute to let the vlc dump a core instead of staying stuck
* Patched 2 debian bugs
* Improved the snapshot generation
* Mouse pointer hidden/shown with middle button in SDL output
* Removed obsolete video_yuv_mmx.S
* Updated the TODO list and wrote a small parser to make it
easier to see which items remain to be done
* `make snapshot' now creates vlc-*.tar.gz and vlc-*-nocss.tar.gz
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 04:30:37 +0100
* Version 0.2.50 for the Linux Expo
* --overlay and --fulscreen options (only work with --vout sdl)
* The vlc exits after the end of the stream, which prevents from having
to kill it and relaunch it during a presentation.
* Not a very nice hack, but will probably spare us a few user complaints: if
no -a option is specified, the vlc will play the first audio type it finds,
so there is no need to specify "-a ac3" for a DVD anymore.
* CSS support kludged for current DVD input.
It is very slow now but will be more adapted to the forthcoming DVD
It should read the first title of many DVDs but has been tested with few.
* Beginning of ifo commands to implement DVD navigation.
* Fix for field pictures.
* Hooks for fast forward and slow motion support.
* Fixed backwards moves.
* Tuned up optimizations.
* Completely removed BIZARRE_OPTIMS.
* Check for the needed headers for DVD ioctls
* Some cleaning in the dvd authentification code
* Various miscellaneous minor optimizations of the video parser.
* Beginning of support for encrypted DVDs.
* It only tests encryption and authenticates disc.
* Really fixed GetChunk now.
* 32-bit aligned bitstream (not that fast).
* The motion compensation routines are now modules as well ; choose your
implementation with `--motion motion', `--motion motionmmx' or
`--motion motionmmxext'. Of course, the best implementation is chosen
if you don't ask for any. There doesn't seem to be any performance hit
due to the move to shared libs, which is a good thing. Please test
actively if you have time, though.
* Updated --help result, manpage, INSTALL document, and a few files.
* Borrowed LiViD's MMX and MMX EXT IDCT. This might break things. Expect
a performance increase.
* Removed a few useless malloc() and unused variables in the audio SDL stuff
* Prepared the work for built-in modules (not yet finished)
* Small tweak in the copy handling, reduce CPU usage.
* --aout sdl now works
* Added SDL sound support. Sounds a bit laggy sometimes but my streams
are ill. please try.
* Modified and all that stuff. Re-run configure
* SDL audio, video and interface are all part of the same .so now.
* Removed YUV old files :->
* Reverted something that wasn't supposed to go into the cvs :p
* Removed -fargument-noalias-global which causes problems with as (???).
* Borrowed livid's latest libmmx and MMXEXT MC. Not in the Makefile => to
test it, replace vdec_motion_inner_mmx.c by vdec_motion_inner_mmxext.c.
* A few changes in the CPU extensions detection code, borrowed from the
kernel and from mpeg2dec. I still don't know how to detect if code
compiled with -mcpu=pentiumpro will run, since the cpuid arcanes are
quite obtuse to me. Perhaps we should also have a way not to load modules
if they have been compiled with a different CPU to avoid segfaults.
* Add check for MMX EXT extensions, which doesn't work, which is a good
thing since there is no MMX EXT IDCT yet :)
* Change for the forthcoming fast forward and slow motion support.
* Fixed the --aout, --idct and --yuv flags
* Updated manpage and --(long)help output to reflect that change
* Removed a few unneeded #includes here and there
* Cosmetic changes in error messages in input.c
* Now use of 64 bits offsets to parse the whole DVD. So we have all the
available information
* Fixed a bug in parsing of VTS attributes
* Fixed a bug in input.c that made input plugin initialize even though
no stream is reachable (thanks Sam)
* Merged the YUV plugins in the same directory to avoid too much code
* YUV transformations now use the new module API ; now only the vout
and interface still depend on the old plugin API
* Changed TestMMX to TestCPU because we will be able to test for other
specific extensions (3DNow, SSE) for the forthcoming IDCT we'll
borrow to mpeg2dec (as usual :P)
* Don't show "hiding module" messages anymore except in debug mode
* Swapped C IDCT and Classic IDCT scores since the classic one seems
to be faster ; anyway you should use the MMX one
* Fixed a Makefile bug under BeOS
* Tried to fix the cpuid code so that it compiles under BeOS (Polux, can
you test it when you have time ?)
* Fixed a bug in the frame rate handling ;
* Fixed a bug in the DTS/PTS ordering. Our pts are _at last_ accurate.
* Finally fixed repeat_first_field and co. (pas encore tout compris...)
* Implemented video_parser bitstream callback for PTS/DTS.
* Fixed close button support in SDL
* Fixed --width and --height support in SDL
* Fixed the bug-that-made-the-vlc-segfault-on-exit, which means that
more than ever, « le client ne segfaulte pas ».
* There was still a problem upon quitting: sometimes the null packet
wasn't big enough to reach a decoder breakpoint, so I now create 10
of them (since I can't make it bigger) to be sure. Meuuh, what do
you think ?
* Fixed the Makefile to spare a few variables here and there.
* Reduced module hide delay, removed loading of the audio output
plugins since they are now modules.
* Changed a few intf_Msg to intf_DbgMsg, and added "vout:", "intf:",
and so on in a few other messages.
* Removed unused includes in the idct modules.
* Correction of bugs in ifo parsing. Now the structures should be well
initialized. It remains some segfaults but it globally works.
* DVD mode is enabled with option --dvd. For the moment, it only read
the first vts and find the movie if it is at the beginning of the title
* Beginning of dvd_input. Parsing of ifo file almost completed.
* The IDCT functions are now located in modules : the classic IDCT,
our optimized IDCT, and MMX IDCT.
* Cosmetic changes for modules (pf_* instead of p_*)
* Fixes to the BeOS and dummy modules
* Changed default values :
INPUT_PTS_DELAY down to 200 ms ;
video heap down from 10 to 5 pictures ;
decoder fifo size from 1023 to 511 PES ;
* Fixed various bugs in 32 bit-versions of input_ext-dec.h ;
* Fixed a bug in GetChunk() ;
* Renamed GetByte, GetWord, ShowWord to _GetByte, _GetWord, _ShowWord ;
* Moved decoder_fifo-specific code from programs.c to dec.c ;
* Fixed bugs in program.c that prevented vlc to close all decoders ;
* Gave sam a lesson for the use of the bitstream in spu_decoder.c :ppp ;
* Made the video parser unlock the reference pictures before quitting
(still one left, yaknow why ?)
* Destroy fifo mutex and cond variables _after_ they are used for
the last time. henri, that'll be one binouze.
* Attempt to port the BeOS audio plugin to the new module API. Will
probably need a few fixes to work or even compile.
* Ported the alsa plugin to the news vlc module API
* Fixed 32 bits bitstream bugs.
* Moved the MPEG audio decoder to the new bitstream
* Cleaning in the SPU decoder.
* Moved swab32 from input_ext-dec.h to common.h. We probably won't need
it anymore really soon, since ntohl() and htonl() seem to be properly
optimized when gcc is passed the right optimization flags.
* Fixed GetBits32 and RemoveBits32. I know the #ifdefs are useless since
we only support u32 words, but it's a safe reminder. Comments appreciated
on this fix since I may have b0rked something -- it runs well here though.
* Changed code for handling b_die in bitstream ;
* Moved input_ext-dec.h to input.h ;
* New input_NullPacket function ;
* Fixed init bugs in input and vpar ;
* Placed a callback to the decoder in the bitstream structure ;
* Fixed a purify bug in input_ps.c ;
* Added -mcpu=pentiumpro in the Makefile.
* Complete commenting of modules_core.h and small modifications
* Separated MODULE_CONFIG_START and ADD_WINDOW (Henri, beware)
* Fixed a very, very old bug that caused namespace collision between
plugins (Henri, beware: call your aout_getplugin function like this,
not alsa_aout_getplugin)
* Removed the Debian specific clean rules from the Makefile, since they
are already handled by the debian/rules script.
* Tidied a few compilation rules (-lfoo should always be at the end)
* Added 8bits palette SDL support.
* Fixed a warning under FreeBSD (dlerror() is a const char*, not a char*).
* Made configure script look for the bswap assembly instruction (using
AC_TRY_COMPILE makes sure the compiler will really accept it).
* Fixed colors' bug (TODO: write a function in vout that recalculate colors
from RGB masks);
* Cleaning of the fullscreen switch, still sucks but the surface is not
reallocated and that's good (thanks to the magic function
SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen provided by sdl library :).
* Added a missing mutex_unlock in video_output.c
* Moved a mutex_destroy after the thread cancellation to prevent
possible problems
* Added a missing #ifdef in intf_msg.c which prevented compilation
with --enable-debug
* Fixed a bug in the input that prevented to quit properly in certain
cases (some ES were not deleted because their index was skipped when
the former one was deleted, well Meuuh should know what I mean)
* Cleaning of SDL Lock/Unlock Surface.
* All plugins now compile with -fPIC.
* Made the audio_output API a bit simpler.
* Got rid of modules_config.h.
* Fixed `make install' rule.
* Fixed warnings in the MMX YUV compilation.
* Probably fixed a bug in the input : pp_foo structures were free()d at
the end, but this was useless since the last call to realloc() is
equivalent to free(), and two consecutive calls to free() aren't a
goo idea.
* We check that the version number match and that we don't already have
a module by that name when loading a new module.
* All public module_* functions now properly lock the module bank.
* The audio_output now uses the new module API ; EsounD and DSP modules
have been ported, which should be enough for Henri to port the ALSA one.
* Added vlc_mutex_destroy and vlc_cond_destroy function, for pthreads.
Used them before quitting, every lock and cond is destroyed
* Checked the return value of malloc and realloc in input_programs
* Fixed compilation pb under solaris 2.6
* Should compile & run on Solaris with ./configure --disable-dsp
(tested on puma)
* Removed most SYS_SOLARIS #ifdef's in favour of more generic tests
* Updated example ./configure line in INSTALL file
* Now we only load modules that end with ".so"
* null module is compiled by default
* Fixed initialization of payload_start and payload_end
* --enable-sdl and some others are now --with-sdl[=name] to supply an
optional library name ;
* Deleted all unnecessary #include <sys/uio.h> ;
* /usr/include is now searched when looking for libraries and headers.
* src/misc/modules.c is in a workable state now.
* Splitted modules.h into modules.h and modules_core.h to enable
clean compilation of the Null Module.
* Added the Null Module, the module that does nothing but that is going
to be of great help for debugging my module code.
* Plugins are now called modules, because we will be able to compile
them either as a dynamic plugin, or within the program. And, more